السبت، 13 نوفمبر 2010

A Tea and Coffee Party حفلة قهوة و شاي

I started a new wall quilt. I made a few quilts, table runners, wall quilts and other sewing projects and gave them all to family and friends. I decided it is time to have something for us. This quilt will be for our living room wall. Househusband is waiting  very patiently for this one. After all he is my only investor and it is about time he gets something back :)

I think this is the hardest project I have worked on up to now. Each block is 8x8 inch and needs at least a whole hour of continuous work and 100% full focus on details. It is also my first paper-pieced quilt. I have finished 5 blocks and still have 13 more. 

These are the four main blocks.

What do you think of my cups, mugs and pots?


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